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In the World full of Technology And Creativity. How Html And Css Have all the fun. So Read Through the End and you should be Familiar with Android.

Why Html and Css becoming more popular? Why Everyone goes along with Html and CSS?

In fact, Nowadays Some are Making apps with Cordova, Xamarin, React Native(a Facebook Developed Project for Hybrid Apps) In the core they all are using HTML, CSS, Javascript But the question is where you should go? First, pick In which Field you are interested in if it was App Developing, then again the question arises HYBRID vs NATIVE  Here are some Points you should know before heading towards App Development.

Hybrid Apps only need one code base for all the platforms(i.e Android, ios…) That means you have to write code for only one time and what you get is Cross-platform Apps

On, the other hand  For Native Apps you need to write code for all platform apps independently i.e for android you need Android developers and for IOS you need ios Developers. Thinking About choosing Hybrid Apps as a profession? Just Wait until the end.

Native Apps are something that originally built for their respective OS But Hybrid one is just HTML and CSS wrappers. Hybrid ones are kind of Slow as compared to native, they are not able to access the full functionality of mobile(i.e all the sensors, system services….), they are not user-friendly(hybrid apps look so different), Also they are not found easily on Play Store, And the prime reason why native is better than hybrid, Native uses Default language for making apps like: For android apps Developers are using JAVA or KOTLIN Which are Google Official languages for making Android apps, You could go with Hybrid Apps But this not recommended by Google.

CONCLUSION: You’d go With Hybrid Apps When you have a low budget and minimum time, So you only have to hire one Developer who will make Both platforms app in just one shot.

But If you have High Budget and More time, You should go with  Native Because they are fast And more user-friendly.

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